Our Story

If you're new here, nice to e-meet you. We are Gale and Paul. Here's a little bit more about us and how Petit Paws was born.

We moved to Calgary in '01 with our then young children and our beloved furry companion Lhasa Apso "Mocha". Still new to Calgary and eager to go on a trip, we found ourselves searching for a dog kennel that we felt comfortable with. But, after visiting several dog kennels in Calgary and a couple of home sitters, we found ourselves in tears.

As dog owners, we knew that our faithful unconditional lover named Mocha would not survive in a traditional dog kennel. We truly believed that our dog would have died of a broken heart if we chose to cage him up in a traditional Calgary kennel with a cement floor & no comforts from home. That's when Petit Paws was born. We are a full service dog boarding facility (frequently referred to as a dog home kennel) but, instead of caging the dogs, we allow your sweetie(s) to roam, play, and sleep in the comfort of our home, right beside us.

We take pride watching dogs come back again & again with their tails wagging and excitement on their faces. Some of our favorite times are just spent relaxing with the dogs. Whether it's outside in the summer on chaise loungers with a few dogs on both our laps or a cold winter night by the fire watching a movie with all the dogs on our couches. We love every minute of it. We love hearing soft snoring coming from our furry friends as we watch T.V.

Our hearts melt when we witness a shy, timid or more reserved dog learning how to be more sociable with his new buddies and playing like he has never played before.

Safety is always our number one priority at Petit Paws. We don't take just any dog. Each new family must schedule a meet and greet with us to ensure that their dog(s) is a fit with all other furry friends at Petit Paws. It's important that all dogs can play and interact safely. We protect our environment by ensuring that dogs interact well with one another at all times during their stay.

Since opening Petit Paws, we have opened our home and hearts to so many families in Calgary and their small dogs in need of a place to stay while their owners are on holiday. We have met amazing dogs throughout the years and have created memories that will last a lifetime. Every day is a good day when you wake up to sweet little furry faces.

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