Frequently Asked Questions

As a full-service dog onboarding service, also known as a home kennel (without the cages), we treat your dog(s) like he/she is a part of our family. During the day, they get to be free and play with other small sized four-legged friends. They get cuddles, playtime, walks and we work with them at maintaining their good habits from home. Senior dogs get the luxury of napping where & when they want.
Pick up and drop off times are at 10am or 5:30pm. We strive to give all of our furry friends a great and healthy routine without disruption so this set schedule allows us to best ensure that they maintain serenity and a level of security throughout their stay.
Parents of our furry friends are required to bring their food from home so the dogs can best maintain their eating habits for a healthy tummy and happy dog.
All dogs sleep in our master bedroom with us. If your dog is used to sleeping in your bed he/she is welcome to sleep in ours. If they are used to sleeping in a soft-sided bed or kennel trained we can accommodate them next to our bed.
Absolutely. We take the dogs for a daily walk with us. Weather is a big factor in Calgary and to ensure that we keep your pups as healthy as possible, we refrain from taking them at extreme cold or hot temperatures to keep them safe.
We only take small 'petit' dogs at this time. Maximum accepted weight is 30 pounds. We believe that dogs of similar sizes play well together. We strive to maintain a safe play environment.
Of course. We are happy to communicate while you are away to let you know how your dog is doing. Texts, pics, and videos are our fave ways to keep you in the loop.
You certainly can. In fact, we encourage you to bring your dog's favorite blanket from home. This allows your dog to feel more comfortable in ours. We believe in making the dogs' stay as pleasant and seamless as possible.
You bet. We have a lot of experience with dogs who take medications and we are happy to continue giving your dog meds as needed.

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